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Quality by measuring and testing

Martindale scouring and pilling scorer

Martindale 4 Head Swiss Pilling Kit

For scouring tests of textile fabrics according to the standards, EN ISO 12947-1:2001, EN ISO 12945:2000, BS 5690:1988, ASTM D 4970-89, SN 198525- SN 198529, etc.

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Thickness Gauge
for High Loft Products

has been specially designed to measure the thickness of high loft non woven material
by means of a digital readout with relevance to ASTM D 5736 specifications.

Base Support Frame  
with load indicator:                          400 x 400 mm
Pressure foot:                                      300 x 300 mm
Measuring range:                                           200 mm
Readability:                                                        0.1 mm
Vertical adjustment handle

Special Price on request!