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Quality by measuring and testing

About Corona
Schröder Prüftechnik has taken on the challenges of the corona crisis. We have made regulations that protect the health of our employees as much as possible. With the jobs now being distributed, the continuation of our business activities is almost unaffected. Our supply chains have also taken precautionary measures and are not currently affected by a Concora case. We try to avoid bottlenecks in deliveries by increasing stocks. Deliveries are still made by our standard logisticians.
We wish our customers and suppliers the best of health and a good survival of this crisis.

Your team from Schröder Prüftechnik

Since August 2018 we represent the company Roaches International, UK-Birstall in Germany.
Roaches International is a UK based Manufacturer of equipment used for the manufactre and quality control of textiles - known and respected worldwide for its suite of laboratory dyeing and testing equipment.

We look forward to receiving your inquiries


Since April 2017 we represent the company IDM Instruments, AU-Hallam in Germany.
IDM Instruments is the leading manufacturer of measuring and etsting equipment. The company supplies testing equipment and scientific instruments in the fields of packaging, paper, foam and plasti.


We will successively integrate the IDM product range into our homepage. We look forward to receiving your inquiries